members of water user associations attend share their experience in a two day workshop organized by UN-HABITAT

SOMALILAND: Different Water User Association Groups Share Experience in their First Meeting

By Abdirisak Ismail (Itaqile) Hargeisa, (Somalilandmonitor) -The representatives of Water User Associations (WUAs) from four towns in Somaliland will share their knowledge and receive training on water utility management, to serve as a foundation for their activities, and enlighten them on other best...
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sonsaf logo

SOMALILAND: Civil Society Position Paper on Voter and National ID Registration

On 15-16th September2014, civil society organizations that are committed to Somaliland’s democratization process held roundtable discussions on issues of voter and National ID registration. The civil society also met with the President of the Republic of Somaliland HE.Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo on 17th...
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robleh mohamed lafcanbe

SOMALILAND: Time for another Referendum?

By: Robleh M. Lafcanbe As we saw over the past couple months, the historic union of the United Kingdom was on the verge of splitting up as the people of Scotland decided to go the polls to vote on independence or to remain part of the UK. On the day of the referendum, An overwhelming 55% voted to remain...
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Khatumo state and collection of public funds for personal use, the two faces of Ali Khalif galayd

SOMALILAND: Ali Khalif’s Disguised Politics of “Somali Unity” A dangerous Message -

By Magan Ibrahim Somalilandmonitor -On the faithful day in what supposed to be his smooth inauguration ceremony in Saah-Dheer Village, 75 KM South of Laas Anood and 60 KM North of Ethiopian border, before Somaliland National Army interrupted and took over the village, Ali Khalif Glaydh, newly appointed...
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Somaliland military

Somaliland: Military Officers Gunned down in Qoru-lugud

Qorulugud (Somalilandmonitor)- Unnamed soldier has gunned down 2 officers from the national armed forces of Somaliland in Qorulugud, a district which is 75 km east from Burao – the Head Quarter of Togdheer region. Unnamed officers in Somaliland/Somalia border has confirmed Jamhuuriya Media Group the...
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the three leaders

Somaliland: Leaders of Opposition Parties expected to meet President Silanyo Tomorrow

Hargeisa (Somalilandmonitor) – Leaders of Somaliland opposition parties UCID and WADDANI are expected to have a meeting with President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo tomorrow. Parties are likewise expected to have discussions on issues pertaining the emergence of the indifference between the opposition and...
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SOMALILAND: A Call to President Silanyo and Whoever Listens In the Regime

Somaliland Watch Group Ottawa, Canada Date: September 19, 2014   Top Somaliland Military officers were killed in ‘Qorolugud’. Stop killing more in Gabiley. The shooting is in progress as we are writing this letter. What has happened in ‘Qorolugud’ and what is happening in Gabiley are serious...
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Ibrahim mohamed mead

SOMALILAND: Top Military officers killed in ‘Qorolugud’ of E. Regions of Somaliland

By Ibrahim Mohamed Mead What has happened there is a serious crisis of national proportion and it should be dealt as such. Crises happen. They happen to organizations, governmental or othersectors. They happen in people’s personal lives as well as in their professional lives. Crises by nature bring...
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Mohamoud Dahir Omar

SOMALILAND: Impact of Parents’ Background on their Children’s Education

By Mahmoud Dahir Omar Today’s children are fundamental to society because they are our future; they hold the key to change, and in turn a successful future, in their hands. Therefore, it is society’s duty to provide them with a complete education that teaches them how to work together successfully,...
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Guled Mohammed Yasin

SOMALILAND: The Hajj Deed in Islam

By Guled Mohamed Yassin (Dalha) First and Foremost, the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) is the fifth of the fundamental Muslim practices and institutions known as the five pillars of Islam. Pilgrimage is not undertaken in Islam to the shrines of saints, to monasteries for help from holy men, or to sights...
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