SOMALILAND: Spare The Gandi Library!

Gandi Library
By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye Hearing Harbi’s illegal takeover of the library in Adan Siro’s Friday’s sermon shocked many audiences, I used to read books soon after its inauguration in the city where public educational facilities are quite rare, I spent a lot of time reading in it than going schools caring about money regardless... more →
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UK Minister Visits Somaliland to Promote the Rights of Women and Girls

Lynne Featherstone visits the Girls’ Club
Lynne Featherstone re-affirms strength of the UK’s partnership with the region. Press release International Development Minister Lynne Featherstone has visited Somaliland to re-affirm the strength of the UK’ s partnership with the region and to reinforce the importance of making sure girls and women are at the heart of the development... more →
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SOMALILAND: Traffic Issues Facing the Country

hargeisa traffic congestion~1
By: Koshin Koshin Somaliland is facing traffic issues and that many people in our beloved country don’t know the rules of the road or the cause of accidents, and that unmaintained roads are a factor but not the main issue and there more important factors to the cause of a automobile accident, and I am an expert on traffic rules... more →
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Flawed Scholarship & Dangerous Prescriptions: CHAPSS’s Review of Conflict Dynamics International’s Report

chapss logo
The Centre for Horn of Africa Policy and Strategic studies in Somaliland (CHAPSS), an independent, non-profit think-tank has critically digested a report entitled “Cultivating Consensus -Exploring Options for Political Accommodation and Promoting All Somali Voice” by Conflict Dynamics International, which is an international... more →
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